Small Groups / Peer Critiquing

Speakers’ Track – Small Group Critiquing Session
One of the unique aspects of the seminar is the opportunity to participate in two small group presentations.  Please note the instructions for both of these assignments, which will give you the opportunity to prepare in advance.  Each of the assignments will be fully explained during the seminar, but please come prepared.  (If you prefer to be a listener rather than a participant during the small group times, this option is open to you.)

Thursday evening:  You will be introducing yourself (3-minute maximum) or, you will be giving a personal illustration with a spiritual application (3-minute maximum).   2020 Speaking Track Homework 2020 Speaking Track Homework

Writers’ Track – 1st Page Peer Critiquing
Please bring six copies of the first page of an article, chapter of a book, or any piece of your writing.  In a small group setting with a table leader, we will read and discuss each piece. This is a good opportunity for everyone to learn from each other. As we review the work of our peers and listen to the feedback, we discover things to improve in our own project. First Page Peer Critiquing

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