So, you want to be a writer?

Where do you begin?

What steps should you take?

The Speak Up Conference brings in renowned Christian authors, editors and publishers to help walk participants through the process of preparing a fiction or a nonfiction book proposal for submission beginning with the initial steps, learning to captivate readers with excellent storytelling, and deciding whether self-publishing is an option for you.

Our Speak Up Conference is unique in that each Premier Package conferee in the writing track will be offered up to four 15-minute appointments with publishing/editorial professionals, author mentors, self-publishing professionals, or social media experts. With the Classic Package, conferees will have up to two 15-minute appointments.  Our goal is to match you with the best possible connections, so take time to read through the descriptions in the 15-minute appointments section.  You will receive an email when it’s time to sign up for them, so be prepared with your top picks.

Below you will find 12 breakout sessions that are designed for conferees in the Writers' Track, and below those you will find 18 more options that cross over with interest to both writers and speakers. For alumni, new sessions are added every year to take you to the next level in your ministry.

If you are in the Standard Package you will have access to all the breakout sessions in the Writing Track, and they will be available to you for a full week after the conference.

If you are in the Classic Package, you will have access to everything on this page for one month after the conference.

If you are in the Premier Package, you will have access to everything on this page, and everything on the Writers' Track page for one full year.

Breakout Session #1

Writing and Speaking Breakout Sessions