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Scott Lindsey

Scott Lindsey is the Ministry Relations Director for Logos Bible Software. Scott’s passion is to equip Christian communicators with the best tools available for the life-long pursuit of God through His word. The world has gone digital and Scott’s ministry is to bring people’s Bible study and research into the 21st century. Scott teaches at over 20+ conferences per year. He has personally trained and worked with the ministries of Tim Keller, David Jeremiah, Josh McDowell, Carol Kent, John MacArthur, Kay Arthur, and many more.


“Scott’s presentation absolutely blew my socks off! He has the ability to take the sometimes arduous subject of technology and break it down to the level where most of us are. Have him teach at your ministry or conference, and you will witness first-hand why his presentation, ‘Technology & Bible Study’ is requested around the world!”

- Josh D. McDowell, Author/Speaker

“Scott Lindsey finally did it! He shook off the stuffiness and translated all the techno-babble endemic to most “software presentations.” With humor, patience, and an infectious passion for the Word, Scott showed us why Logos is the Bible study toolbox for anyone serious about Bible study. A born communicator, Scott married the expertise of a technician with the ease of a teacher.  Our pastors at Stonebriar Community Church and Insight for Living left salivating—I am confident you will too.”

- Chuck Swindoll – Insight for Living and Stonebriar Community Church