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Publication Contest

Do you want to be a published author?

Twenty to Twenty-Five writers will be chosen for inclusion in a book titled, Whispers of Grace, published by Living Parables, an imprint of EABooks Publishing.

Join the contest and become a published author at Speak Up Conference 2020!

Pay it Forward

We always have more requests for scholarship assistance than we are able to grant. If you would like to help Speak Up Ministries make more scholarships available, donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.

Be a blessing and help others experience the wealth of knowledge we gain from attending the SpeakUp Conference that we may all be the best stewards in our service to God.

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Signature Style Appointment with Style Expert Shari Braendel

Style appointment

During this 25-minute power packed appointment, Shari will help alleviate your fashion struggles and take your image and style to a new level. Shari will work with you to develop a personal style statement, find your best colors, and teach you to dress your particular body shape so you shine on stage and show up in life with more confidence. You’ll also receive a set of virtual color swatches to keep on your phone. Your session will take place over Zoom in the comfort of your own home (or closet!).

Price: $45

Book proposal or manuscript critiques

Blythe Daniel is offering to do critiques for attendees prior to the conference. She will read 10 pages of a book proposal or manuscript, whichever you prefer, in Word format. She will provide detailed feedback with comments and recommendations and meet with you at the conference to discuss it. This is valuable feedback that you normally wouldn’t receive at this rate.

Email Blythe directly with the subject line Speak Up Conference Critique.

$40 (Mail a check to Blythe or pay cash or check at the conference)

Blythe Daniel

Don't miss out on this important and fun conference!