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5 Ways to Build Your Prayer Life as a Leader By Rachel Wojo

5 Ways to Build Your Prayer Life as a Leader

By Rachel Wojo

Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of this your servant and to the prayer of your servants who delight in revering your name. Nehemiah 1:11 As a…

Thanksgiving Message from Gene, Carol, and Jason Kent

Thanksgiving Message from Gene, Carol, & Jason Kent

By Carol Kent

My hopes were high!  Following more than two decades of incarceration, we were praying for a favorable response to Jason’s application for a commutation of his sentence to a set number of years.  That might have been a sentence of 35 or 40 years, instead of life without the possibility of parole, but since he had just turned 25 at the time of his arrest, it meant he might walk in freedom before the end of his life.

Author Michelle Medlock Adams

Writing Books that Matter

By Michelle Adams

I was in the window seat, thumbing through my recent issue of “Writer’s Digest,” just waiting for the plane to take off when a mother and her young daughter sat…

Author Maggie Rowe

Feeling Like a Phony

By Maggie Rowe

Have you ever attended a professional conference populated by other writers and speakers and felt like the biggest fake in the room? Even though you’re surrounded by encouraging faculty members…

Musings from a tired marketer

Musings From a Tired Marketer

By Cheri Cowell

The First Truth: It’s Hard Work

The truth is good marketing is about building relationships with readers, and building relationships is hard work. It is tiring. It is difficult to put yourself out there day after day, but as writers who promote God-given messages, that is what we do.

5 Steps to Successful Co-Writing By Janyre Tromp

5 Steps to Successful Co-Writing

By Janyre Tromp

As an editor for a traditional publishing house, I’ve shepherded more than a few co-authored projects through publishing. And then, earlier this year, I released a novella collection called It’s a Wonderful Christmas with four other authors.

Hopefully these tips will help you publish collaboratively with fewer bumps.

Growing Your Creativity

By Darlene Larson

Would you like to be inspired? I’m honored to introduce you to one of our Speak Up faculty members who has dedicated her life to helping women find purpose, meaning, and freedom. Darlene Larson’s coaching, writing, and speaking ministry is called “Hearts with a Purpose” and today she’s giving us significant ideas about how to stimulate our creativity.

Less of Me-More of God

By Lucinda McDowell

The voice at the other end of the phone was ecstatic, “I love your book—it’s so deep, so insightful! I don’t understand why you aren’t more famous as an author.…

What’s Your Level of Spiritual Fitness?

By Patti Reed

Life has been particularly hard lately. Strained relationships over whether someone has taken the vax or not taken the vax. Anxiety from world events and the unrest in the middle…

Filled Up to Fuel Others

By Athena Holtz

I watched as my hubby filled the gas tanks at the back of the boat. It didn’t need much fuel, not even a whole gallon, but he topped it off…

How to Say No

By Jill Savage

Many leaders I know struggle with over-commitment. Dozens of great opportunities come our way, but there’s no way to do them all—or at least do them all well. Most of…

Be a Spicy Podcast Guest!

By Stephanie Rousselle

As a global podcast host, I receive a lot of requests to be invited on our show. Like most podcasters, we say no to most of them.  So… how can…