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Is Your YES Still on the Table

Is Your YES Still on the Table?

By Dawn Van Beck Aug 17, 2022

Did we really hear God correctly? We thought God wanted our “YES” on the table, but maybe He didn’t really mean it, because NOW we’re overwhelmed at the very thought. I have news: you heard Him right. God most certainly DOES want our “YES” on the table.

Surrendering Your Writing and Speaking to God

Surrendering Your Writing and Speaking to God

By Kia Stephens Aug 15, 2022

Six years ago, I found myself surrendering again.  I was obsessed with getting a book deal.  All I wanted to do was focus on me and my trade book, but God had other plans.  He began to place a burden in my heart for women just like me—Christian women communicators of color.  God birthed a mission inside my heart to increase and create opportunities for this community. 

15-Point Checklist for Your Speaker Website

15-Point Checklist for Your Speaker Website

By Karen Porter Aug 8, 2022

When an event planner hears your name or receives a recommendation of you as a speaker, the first place he or she will look is online to find your website. When they arrive at your URL, greet that person with the all the information they need.

Relationship Building is Essential

By Megan Brown Aug 1, 2022

Building relationships is one of the most important steps to creating and cultivating the space for your career in speaking, teaching, or writing.

Why We Do What We Do

By Tammy Whitehurst Jul 25, 2022

Whether you are a serious speaker, funny speaker, testimony speaker, recovery speaker, or a Bible study speaker, the goal is ALWAYS to lead people to God’s son. It is the reason we are Christian speakers.

Anticipation: Your Time Will Come

Anticipation: Your Time Will Come

By Carol Tetzlaff Jul 4, 2022

Often we walk into our calling with ideas of what we believe God is going to do. Surely He wants my dream to come true for He has asked this of me. But what we find is in the waiting there is a better dream emerging, for it is His dream giving birth in our lives.

What Does the Lord Require? by Suzanne Kuhn

What Does the Lord Require?

By Suzanne Brooks Kuhn Jun 26, 2022

God’s requirements of us are simple. We don’t have to literally throw ourselves upon His altar. We don’t need to sacrifice our firstborn. He’s not looking for animal sacrifice. He simply requires this: do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with Him.


Making Your 15-Minute Meeting Shine

By Kathy Bruins Jun 19, 2022

You took the step to meet with an agent or acquisitions editor at a conference. You feel the butterflies in your stomach having a party. You wonder, “What have I done? I’m not good enough to be accepted. I’m going to be laughed at,” and the panic thoughts continue. Fear not!

Refining: The Most Exciting Part of Writing and Speaking by Shellie Arnold

Refining: The Most Exciting Part of Writing and Speaking

By Shellie Arnold Jun 13, 2022

Now, the words are on the page. We breathe a sigh of relief and excitement. And we should—getting the words out is a crucial first step. Hooray! Unfortunately, this is where many writers and speakers stop.

Preparing our Hearts for Speak Up

By Darlene Larson Jun 6, 2022

As Christian communicators, what do we do when we want to succeed with writing and/or speaking? Don’t we want those speaking events and or writing contracts that are a part of our learning and personal goals with the Speak Up Conference? Yes, but at the same time we want to have a pure heart—one of peace that leaves a lovely fragrance wherever we represent our King of Kings.

For His Name’s Sake

By Judy Dunagan May 30, 2022

I assume you’ve heard of the proverbial Cobbler’s Children Syndrome where the cobbler is so busy making or fixing other people’s shoes that his children end up with no shoes to wear.

Writing for the Generations

Writing for the Generations

By Cynthia Cavanaugh May 23, 2022

As a writer, I know words leave a legacy. The weight of our words, whether published in a book or a personal journal, gives cause to consider the question: Who am I writing for?