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3 Wise Investments to Jumpstart Your Writing or Speaking

3 Wise Investments to Jumpstart Your Writing or Speaking

By Rachel Wojo Apr 11, 2022

When time is limited, how does a writer, speaker, or leader choose the wisest ways to spend the time we have for ministry? Check out these three wise investments to jumpstart your ministry.

You’ve Got Your Topic: Now Let’s Build Your Tribe!

By Blythe Daniel Apr 3, 2022

Tribes are not meant to be a “serve it up to me” experience like we expect at a buffet. Rather, being part of a tribe includes a careful choice to be more aware of others than ourselves.

You Don’t Have to Lead, Write, Speak Alone

By Rachel Wojo Mar 27, 2022

I’ll never forget that single brave moment over a decade ago when I shared that God was working in my heart to write and speak for Him. I don’t know what…

Lessons From the Cave

Lessons from the Cave

By Cynthia Cavanaugh Mar 21, 2022

How do we keep writing when there is trouble on every side, and we feel exiled to the cave?

Can God Trust Us with Our Story?

Can God Trust Us With Our Story?

By Nicole Langman Mar 14, 2022

Have you ever been afraid to step into your calling and carry your story with open hands so God can freely use it as He needs to?

Let me share with you what happened that day in my devotions—it was a pivot point that changed everything for me.

Our Hope—God’s Word

Our Hope — God’s Word

By Megan Brown Mar 6, 2022

There are seven steps I use when I am preparing to build a message for a Bible study, a women’s retreat, or to preach.

I Stand with Ukraine

I Stand with Ukraine

By Kim de Blecourt Mar 4, 2022

When Oksana and her child told me they were now to live here, I was overjoyed. I knew her husband was fighting for Ukraine in Kyiv. But where was David, her older son?

Moving From Fear to Faith

Moving from Fear to Faith

By Jenn Hand Feb 28, 2022

Fear can paralyze and prevent us from our yes to God, but faith steps propel us in obedience to Him. 

Finding the Push

By Caris Snider Feb 20, 2022

How can we find the push and keep going through a hard season?

Putting You into a You-nique Book Idea by Blythe Daniel

Putting You into a You-nique Book Idea

By Blythe Daniel Feb 13, 2022

One of the greatest challenges for writers is to come up with a unique book idea. If Ecclesiastes 1:9 is true (and it is!), then there is nothing new under the sun—but then where does that leave us for a book that isn’t like others?

Communicating the Gospel Clearly By Brenda L. Yoder

Communicating the Gospel Clearly

By Brenda Yoder Feb 6, 2022

If you were asked to share the gospel in a simple, clear, and compelling way to an unbelieving audience, would you be prepared to do so?

Putting Meat on the Bones of Your Presentation

Putting Meat on the Bones of Your Presentation

By Karen Porter Jan 31, 2022

You have an idea for a presentation. You want to present a topic, but it seems you only have a skeleton. Just a few bones that seem disjointed and plain. There is a way to put flesh on those bones and build a presentation that is rich and deep and meaningful.