If you need financial assistance to attend the conference, please fill out the form below. Some partial scholarships are available. (No financial assistance is available for lodging, meals, or transportation.)

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We always have more requests for scholarship assistance than we are able to grant.  If you would like to help Speak Up Ministries make more scholarships available, donate in any amount.  Your gift can be given toward the registration of a specific person, or we will apply the funds to the registration fee of a worthy applicant.

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Making a Kingdom Impact 

Speak Up not only encouraged and equipped me, but brought me some amazing lifelong friends. The heart of discipleship is evident in the planning, conversations, and community. I look forward to returning and being able to provide a scholarship for someone else someday soon!  I was forever changed and am grateful for the scholarship! ~Ginny Davidson

I am grateful to have been a scholarship recipient this year for the Speak Up conference. Not only did I receive excellent and helpful information from the workshops, but met so many talented individuals I was able to stay in contact with after the conference. The Speak up conference is such a great way to connect to your tribe as a writer and/or speaker! ~Wendy Elzinga

This year (2019) I was able to attend "Speak Up" because of a scholarship. I consider the scholarship direction from the Lord and His blessing and favor made possible by His saints on the earth. Thank you. I praise God for you. ~Toni Hauch

“My five-minute appointments confirmed the value of sharing my testimony and giving hope to parents and grandparents concerned about the salvation of their children and grandchildren. The conference sessions boosted my confidence and I’m now working on developing an oral presentation of that testimony.“ ~Rosemary Sandefer

"I'm so grateful to those who make scholarships available, because without it, I wouldn't have received the blessings that I gained at Speak Up last summer.  God is using me in a speaking capacity even with stage 4 cancer. This conference helped solidify in my heart that God still has a ministry for me and that doctors can't put an expiration date on my ministry/life when God is in charge.  The conference was life-changing for me and your sponsors made that possible." ~Nancy Bishop

My life has been changed by being able to attend through the scholarship help. God has given me greater confidence in what He has put in me to share with others and I was able to gain so much knowledge by attending.  Forever grateful. ~Dee Kauffman.

I am extremely grateful for the scholarship to Speak Up 2019. As a divorced 70-year-old woman, finances are very tight. Your generous assistance allowed me to attend the conference and receive a contract with Redemption Press for my novel, which I hope will encourage many women dealing with abuse, betrayal, and/or divorce.

Speak Up is such an important ministry for writers and speakers. Thank you so much! ~Konnie Viner

“I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to attend the Speak Up Conference. The whole-group and breakout sessions gave me greater content-knowledge, clarity, and confidence, and more importantly, it all helped to clarify the calling that God has laid on my heart.” ~Christina Herr

“Attending the Speak Up Conference was an incredible experience of learning and being inspired by so many wonderful people with incredible stories of God's goodness in their lives. I made several connections in my one-on-one meetings with publishers, agents and authors also and I now have a clear path for my next steps in publishing my book. So grateful for all the wisdom and sincere, godly encouragement to share our stories for God's glory." ~Ree Boado

"Speak Up is a must for anyone who is a writer or a speaker! From the sessions, to the one on ones, the worship, and the fellowship, Speak Up has become a yearly YES for me! Through prayer at Speak Up, it was confirmed I will be writing my second book!"  ~Jonny Rizzo

“Without the scholarship and the help I received I know I never would have been able to attend a conference that truly goes above and beyond just teaching the skills needed for speaking and writing.  You go away from this conference knowing you have been on Holy Ground and you have a new set of professionals and friends that are truly there to help you become successful in serving our Lord. I am wanting to attend again in 2020 and believe that God will provide for me to be there.  Thank you again for pouring out your blessings on me.” ~Gloria Quinn

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