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Darlene Larson

Author, Speaker, Life Purpose Coach

Darlene Larson’s smile and joy is a testament of what only God can do.

Get To Know Darlene

Entrusted with a story of tremendous loss, betrayal, and deception, God is using every ounce of emotional pain Darlene experienced to let women and men know that God heals mutilated hearts and there is life beyond emotional pain.

Darlene Larson, a 2023 Honoree of 16-over-60 Engaged & Inspiring individuals of Kent County, Michigan, exemplifies vigor and purpose, as she continues in her achievements, passions, and impacts those around her.

A seasoned life purpose and grief-loss coach, Darlene is also an accomplished author. Her fifth book, which focuses on grief and loss, is an upcoming book.

Her popular 90-day DIY course for men and women on overcoming self-doubt to discover their unique life purpose and bring forth their book is impacting many! She has also authored the 31-day life changing coaching devotional series, Enable Me, Lord to Shift: Are you stuck in idle? Learn how to shift into Truth and live!

Darlene is a sought-after speaker for various organizations, and is a certified Life Purpose Coach®, Grief-loss Coach, and Recovery Coach. Recognized as a leading Christian Life Purpose Coach, she specializes in helping women find purpose in adversity.

Visit her website at www.DarleneLarson.com and receive her latest freebie that you will love! Contact her to speak at your next event!

Whether Darlene is coaching, writing, speaking, or just hanging out with family and friends you will find her wearing a pair of fun dangling earrings. She loves a bold cup of coffee, and yes, chocolate, dark chocolate that is, with almonds. And she relishes a daily walk in the four-season state, Michigan.

Breakout Session

Outsmart AI: Write from the HEART

To do this requires you to sit and write. You crave to write and publish and to make a difference with your story. But the negative backlash from your thoughts cause many stop-and-gos as it is hard! As you learn to bleed on the page, you touch the heart of your troubled, traumatized, and tired reader, by offering your heartfelt words, an exchange of love. Let your human heart guide your writing.

Join this workshop and learn the HEART ingredients to bare your heart on the page and succeed in writing for blogs, magazines, and or books, while you outsmart AI.

15-Minute Appointments

Coach Darlene Larson – What’s on your heart? 

Do you have a question about speaking, writing, life purpose, emotional pain, and how this all fits on your pathway to purpose? Are you reluctant to bring forth what you sense God is calling you toward? I’d be honored to be a listener. And I guarantee you’ll be heard and asked a question or two. Sample coaching and leave knowing what your next step is.

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