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Karen Porter

Publisher – Bold Vision Books

Karen Porter is an international retreat and seminar speaker and a successful businesswoman. She is the author of ten books, including If You Give a Girl a Giant and Amplify!

Get To Know Karen

Karen Porter is an international retreat and seminar speaker and a successful businesswoman. She is the author of ten books including If You Give a Girl a Giant and Amplify!

Karen served as Vice President of International Marketing of a major food company in Texas for more than 30 years. Today she and her husband, George, own Bold Vision Books, a traditional Christian publishing company.

Karen is a coach of communicators in both writing and speaking and serves on numerous boards of national ministries.

Karen says her marriage to George is her greatest achievement, but she’d love to talk to you about her five grandchildren! In her spare time, Karen continues her life-long quest to find the perfect purse. Karen is a people person, plain and simple and you will love to laugh with her and maybe even cry a little as she shares her joys and struggles.

Pre-Conference Session

Up Your Speaking

Take your speaking to a new level in this 3-hour practical and interactive session. Improve your message so audiences will listen. Learn how to put your notes away. Discover new ways to grab the audience’s attention at the beginning and keep them with you till your grand finale as you close. Learn how to uncover humor and what to do on stage by learning the hacks to great body language, eye contact, voice control, and using media. Reach the audience in fresh new ways and help them find the transformation God offers. In this hands-on class, each person will make a spectacular handout and devise a personal contract. We’ll talk about how to get more gigs and build a team. If you want to upgrade and elevate your stage presence, this workshop is for you.

Breakout Session

Story it Up!

Storytelling is vital to your speaking and writing. There isn’t a stronger connection between you and your audience or you and your reader than storytelling. Stories help us remember, tell us how to live, and set our moral compasses. A story well told will reach through the ears of your audience and through the eyes of your readers straight to their heart. Inside each of us is a natural born storyteller, waiting to be released. In this workshop with Karen Porter, you will learn how to craft and tell a story. And discover what makes good storytelling. Story structure is critical to fiction, even more important in non-fiction, and crucial to your speaking success. Learn where to find good stories, and how to build your personal storytellers list. They may never remember your bio, but they’ll never forget your stories.

15-Minute Appointments

Bold Vision Books is a traditional, independent Christian publisher looking for non-fiction and fiction with a compelling Christian message. Bold Vision offers high-quality personal publishing & distribution through the nation’s best distribution companies. Bold Vision Books has two imprints: Nuts ‘n Bolts and Optasia Books. Other services are offered through our coaching company, Kae Creative Solutions, including content analysis, book development, editing, and ghostwriting. We can help you design a powerful marketing plan, write your tagline, build your brand, produce promotional items, and create your pitch.

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