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Matt Emmorey

Publishing Stratigist – Self-Publishing

Matt is an author who knows how to get published. He would love to share that with you.

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After thousands of conversations with authors over the past 4 years, Matt Emmorey – Publishing Strategist – noticed something: people write for various reasons. For some, it’s an act of obedience – a calling on their heart. For others, it is deeply personal like leaving your story behind for future generations. For the more business-minded, it could also be a tool to add value to people’s daily lives through your business or non-profit. For some, it’s all of the above.

Let’s find a time to understand you, your book, and why you want to publish! But more importantly, what you need to get your book from where it is today into the hands of people that were meant to read it.

Breakout Session

Friday Morning Writing Track Breakfast Meeting:

 The Three Myths That Stop People from Publishing

 Learn how to set yourself up for success and publish by the end of the year

15-Minute Appointments


Do you have a message but you are unsure how to convey that message through a book? Does writing a book seem intimidating? Do you have a self-published book but you would like to discuss the best strategies for marketing and selling it? Matt Emmorey have collectively helped over 2500 aspiring authors get published, and many of them have spent prolonged time on the Amazon bestsellers list. In our session we will provide for you tips and tactics to build momentum toward your author dreams!

Meet with Matt Emmorey to discover how to set your self-published book up for long-term success. He will share what he has learned self-publishing his own 4 books and talking to 12,000 aspiring authors.

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