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Pat Layton

Author, Speaker, Leader

Pat is a passionate and inspiring author, speaker and leader who has founded a variety of organizations during her 30 plus years in full time ministry.

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Pat is a passionate and inspiring author, speaker and leader who has founded a variety of organizations during her 30 plus years in full time ministry including one of the nations largest pregnancy resource centers, an international post abortion recovery program, an adoption agency and a national woman’s retreat and coaching ministry. She has published 8 books. Her best-selling abortion recovery bible study Surrendering the Secret published by Lifeway. Her book Life Unstuck: Finding Peace with Your Past, Purpose in Your Present and Passion for Your Future is her testimony keynote and the foundation for much of her speaking and coaching.
Pat has served on numerous ministry Leadership Boards including Proverbs 31 Ministries and has been featured on numerous radio and TV shows including Focus on the Family, Life Today, Janet Parshal and Proverbs 31 Ministries. She and her husband Mike have been married for over 47 years and have 3 married children and 5 “G’s”. They enjoy traveling, doing ministry together and a sweet tea home in the North Georgia Mountains.

Breakout Session

Breakfast Meeting—Developing Your Tribe & Serving them Well

Are you ready to transform your book, keynote speech, or ministry into a force of faith that truly changes the world? The key is do what Jesus does–don’t try to do it alone–BUILD A TEAM! We all yearn for our message to be more than words on a page or spoken to a few groups. We invest far too much of our hearts and passion to stop with that. We want our message to live beyond a single event or book. We want it to MULIPLY! Just like Jesus taught us, we want to spark real-life transformation, instill courage, kindle passion, and plant the seeds of FREEDOM and hope that flourish beyond us. This workshop will teach you how!

Let’s talk about how to motivate your audience to become fervent partners in the journey your message represents? If your goal is to assemble a dedicated and world-changing team around your ministry, this workshop is your gateway to results that will increase your vision and expand your territory!

Discover the 4 Practical Steps to Building a Phenomenal Team:
1. Unleash the Power of Success Stories: Learn how to craft and share awe inspiring tales of triumph that will not only captivate your audience but also set their souls on fire. The impact of your message will be unmistakable, and your followers will be clamoring to be part of the change you long to share with the world.
2. Paint a Vivid Vision of Inclusion: Gather a team around your message where they are the critical players in the grand narrative. They won’t just be passive listeners; they will become not only active participants, but multiplying leaders themselves in your message. Your message will become their message and their passion!
3. Empower Partners to Be Heroes in the Story: Show your team that they are not mere spectators but faith and freedom heroes with pivotal roles in transforming the lives of others. This shift in perspective will empower them to rise to the occasion, make your message their own and transform their own lives in the process.
4. Create Opportunities to Celebrate and Share Victories: Every step toward your message’s success is a milestone worth celebrating. Learn how to nurture a culture of celebration, connection, and camaraderie among your team, allowing them to share their victories and bond with others who share their passion.

Join Pat for a session that promises to inspire and equip you to do what JESUS instructed us to do—”GO AND TELL THE WORLD”! Learn to multiply your message in a way that results in a dedicated and unstoppable team. Don’t miss out on the chance to allow your message to go places you might never reach on your own. and change the world!

15-Minute Appointments

Pat’s life motto is: “My Desire is to Inspire”. With over 35 years in full time ministry, Pat would love to INSPIRE YOU! Her goal is to help you do what Jesus commanded
in Mark 16:15. Let’s talk about the next practical steps for increasing YOUR ministry influence through speaking, writing, and building a passionate tribe of likeminded

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