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Shawn Kuhn

Publishing and Screenplay Expert, Brookstone Publishing Group

Shawn focuses on the publishing of your book or the adaptation of your story to screenplay.

Get To Know Shawn

Publishing, screenplay, bookselling strategist, and all-around-brain-stormer.

As a senior strategist for Brookstone Publishing Group, Shawn’s concentration ranges from conception to market ready product. With his more than 35 years of working in varied aspects of the book industry, Shawn brings a seasoned yet fresh and unique approach.

Pre-Conference Session

Before You Pack It In (Suzanne & Shawn Kuhn)

(Pre-Conference Zoom/All In-Person Conferees)

How many pair of shoes is one too many? Do I need a different outfit for each appointment? Should I bring my printer…and everything else from my desk? More snacks? Avoid the pitfalls of conference prep and packing. Practical advise to purposefully pack as you prayerfully prepare. Learn what to bring, leave, and wing. Be ready physically, mentally, and spiritually to make the most out of your Speak Up experience.

15-Minute Appointments

Publishing and Screenplay Expert

Questions about publishing? Need to brain-storm with an expert? Shawn is the man you want to meet. He brings experience and insight regarding the world of authorship, retail book sales, and how to take your message from idea to a completed project that people will want. At Brookstone we like to say, “Let us help you from mind to autograph signed.” Find out what it takes to make your writing dreams a reality.

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