Frequently Asked Questions

In-Person Conference

Q: How should I dress?

A: We want you to be comfortable, so plan accordingly.  If you are doing a video presentation, or if you have appointments with publishing experts, you will want to look more professional.  The conference center has excellent air conditioning and tends to be on the cool side, so make sure you bring a sweater or jacket.

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: If you have registered for the pre-conference session, arrive by 9:30ish. The 3-hour sessions begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m. If you have time constraints with flights, please notify Bonnie by email.  If you have registered for Thursday’s optional lunch, arrive before 1 p.m.  The opening session will begin at 2 p.m.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: You will receive a swag bag and notebook when you arrive containing materials from all the keynote and breakout sessions.  It will have space for taking notes.  It will also have a printout of your selection for each session just in case you forget to bring it with you.

You will want to bring your Bible, laptop, iPad or tablet.  The Prince Center does not have a business center, but they will make copies if needed for a small fee.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

 A: We have a very generous cancellation policy. If you find you cannot come this year, you can transfer your registration to next year with no penalty or problem if there is a price increase or change. If you would rather just cancel, all your money is returned, except for a $100 pre-registration fee. But that money is not lost to you. If you find you can attend another year, that money is applied to your registration at that time.

Q: Is there Internet available?

A: Yes.  The entire conference center has Wi-Fi.

Q: Can I change tracks?

A: No.  The track you select (Speaking or Writing) determines your small group time.  A great deal of preparation goes into the small group experience.  Those in the Speaking Track will have the opportunity to speak twice in front of a small group of their peers and will be critiqued by a trained leader.  Those in the Writing Track will have a 1st Page Peer Critiquing session as well as a Q & A with publishing experts, and appointments with publishing experts.

Q: Do I need to select breakout sessions from just one track, or can I choose from both tracks?

A: Feel free to choose from either track.  We want this experience to be as valuable as possible for each person attending.  Chose the breakout sessions that will most significantly impact your personal ministry.  If you are a first-time attendee to the Speaking Track, we do have a list of recommendations that will give you the tools needed to be prepared to speak with confidence in almost any situation.  That list can be found on the registration page.

Q: Can I change my mind about the breakout sessions I’ve selected?

A: Yes.  We want this experience to be the most beneficial to you.  If you have a change of heart about what session you would like to take, it’s not a problem for you to switch.

Q: Is there an extra charge for the 15-Minute Appointments?

A: No.

  • Each conferee will receive at least four appointments with publishers, editors, publishing experts, social media experts, author or speaking mentors, and more.
  • This year, we have two special opportunities. Shari Braendel, Fashion Consultant, will be doing free professional color analysis, with no appointment needed. Turning Point Photography will have 15-minute head shot appointments available for $50. If you didn’t register for this at the time of registration, email Bonnie to get a timeslot.

Q: Will I need to miss part of a breakout session to attend a Publishing Appointment or a Value-Added Appointment?

A: Very possibly. We work hard to schedule appointments during break times, but there is not enough time for all of them. Appointments will be scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. If you have an appointment scheduled during one of the breakout sessions, please sit near the door so it’s not obvious when you slip out. Feel free to return when you’re finished.  Also, we will have videos of each session that you can purchase after the conference.

Q: Can I bring my own food into the Prince Center?

A: During the conference, our meals are catered by the Prince Center.  They have an experienced catering department headed by a Certified Executive Chef and a Catering Manager.  We have selected food that you will love, and if you have any food allergies they make accommodations if you let us know ahead of time.

Q: Is there a shuttle from the airport to the conference center?

A: No.  Shuttle service has been discontinued due to COVID restrictions, but Uber & Lyft would love to serve you. There’s a good chance you’ll run into another participant in the baggage claim area, so you may be able to share a ride.

Q: Is there a shuttle service from the Comfort Inn or the Country Inn & Suites to the Prince Center?

A: Not officially, but we will connect by email with those staying at those hotels and arrange for carpooling options.

Q: Can the Prince Center accommodate wheelchairs?

A: Yes. The Prince Conference Center is handicap accessible.

If you have any questions that have not been answered, email Bonnie.


Virtual Conference

Q: What is the schedule for Speak Up Virtual?

A: You will find it on our website under 2022 Conference Schedule.

Q: How will I get access to the live sessions?

A: All attendees will find daily links in our private Facebook group.

Q: How do I access my breakout sessions?

A: Attendees will receive an access link to all their breakout sessions on July 6th. You will be able to watch them whenever you want.

Q: What about Pre- Conferences?

A: Attendees registered for pre-recorded pre-cons during registration. You will receive an email on July 6th with information on how to join your sessions.

Q: What is a coffee hour?

A: It is an opportunity for you to connect with faculty members and attendees in a small group setting. They will be available during each of the breakout sessions. You will find the link on the private Facebook page.

Q: How do I access a prayer room during the conference?

A: Prayer rooms will be available during each of the breakout sessions. You will find the link on the private Facebook page.

Q: What if I can’t find something I need during the conference?

A: Please email