Suzanne Kuhn

Suzanne Kuhn

Get to Know Suzanne:

Brand Strategist, Promotions Specialist, Seasoned Marketer, and Innovative Publisher

Suzanne Kuhn, founder and CEO of Brookstone Creative Group (formerly SuzyQ) has more than 30 years of book retailing, event sales experience, which includes working with New York Times bestselling authors. With the addition of  Brookstone Publishing Group, Suzanne and her team at Brookstone Creative Group are changing the landscape for how writers, authors, speakers, and other creatives navigate the ever-changing promotion, publishing, and distribution landscape. Through tried and tested solutions, training, and community-building, they guide their clients to inspirational success. Suzanne truly believes in the power of spoken and written words and their ability to transform lives. To help creatives pursue and fulfill their God-given purpose is Suzanne’s mission.

Pre-Conference Session:

Amazon Boot Camp (3-hour) Co-taught with Vincent Davis

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer for consumer goods, and books are no different. Recent studies suggest more than 75% of eBooks and approximately 50% of all paperbacks are sold through Amazon. As authors and speakers, we must take note of these statistics. Books are being sold on Amazon and readers are utilizing Amazon in great numbers, but in an ever-growing field of content how are you discovered? How will your book stand out to readers? Join Vincent Davis and Suzanne Kuhn of Brookstone Creative Group as they dig into Amazon best practices. You will learn how to utilize the world’s largest bookseller to not only sell books by gaining new readers, but to turn those readers into your fans, and your fans into a career-long platform opportunity.


15-minute appointments:

Brand Strategist - Brookstone Creative Group

You won't want to miss this opportunity to meet Suzanne Kuhn, whose personal and professional mission is, "To advance the Kingdom of God through the written and spoken word." Her branding, marketing, and publishing expertise has helped countless authors, speakers, leaders, and other creatives to strengthen their platforms and expand their message reach. You'll be amazed at how much you'll take away from a short 15-minute session.

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