Suzanne Kuhn

Suzanne Kuhn

Get to Know Suzanne:

Brand Strategist, Promotions Specialist, Seasoned Marketer, and Innovative Publisher

Suzanne Kuhn (a.k.a SuzyQ) is Chief Creative Officer for Iron Stream Media and Founder of Brookstone Creative Group & Brookstone Publishing Group. She is passionate about helping creatives hone their message, create great content, develop high-impact strategies, and publish books they can be proud of. Suzanne brings more than 30 years of industry experience including publishing, marketing, retail, and working with New York Times Best Selling authors. She truly believes in the power of spoken and written words and their ability to transform lives. Suzanne’s mission is to help creatives pursue and fulfill their God-given purpose.


Breakout Session:

Taught by Suzanne Kuhn & Vincent Davis

How to Use Amazon to Build your Platform

Everyone knows that Amazon can be an incredible tool to sell books to readers across the globe. But does the transaction end with just one purchase and a few dollars royalty? It doesn’t have to! In this class we’ll discuss how to effectively utilize Amazon to turn shoppers into readers, and readers into lifelong fans!


15-minute appointments:

Acquisitions Editor - Iron Stream Media

Suzanne Kuhn will be acquiring for the following Iron Steam Media imprints: Iron Stream, Iron Stream Fiction, Iron Stream Harambee Press, Iron Stream Kids, Life Bible Study, and Brookstone Publishing Group. She is also available to discuss branding, marketing, and book ideas.

Brand Strategist - Brookstone Creative Group

You won't want to miss this opportunity to meet Suzanne Kuhn, whose personal and professional mission is, "To advance the Kingdom of God through the written and spoken word." Her branding, marketing, and publishing expertise has helped countless authors, speakers, leaders, and other creatives to strengthen their platforms and expand their message reach. You'll be amazed at how much you'll take away from a short 15-minute session.


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