Shawn Kuhn

As a senior strategist with Brookstone Creative Group, Shawn focuses on unique and creative hands-on approaches to everything from conception to retail store placement. With more than 30 years of experience in buying and selling millions of books and in store promotions, Shawn brings a fresh and unique approach.

Shawn will be team-teaching a pre-conference session, and will be taking 15-minute appointments.

Brand Storming – Mastermind (Pre-Conference Session)

Team taught by Suzanne & Shawn Kuhn

(3 hours - S/W)

Discovering YOUr Individual Brand

Your brand is your promise of what your audience should expect to receive from interaction with you and your products.  In this session we will explore means for discovering, defining, embracing and promoting your personal brand.  We will discuss key components to successful branding, dos and don’ts of branding, and the benefits of taking the time to create a brand and build a brand.  This session will be rounded out with a rapid-fire brand-storming opportunity for each participant.


15-Minute Appointments:

Brookstone – Branding

Meet with Shawn Kuhn to discuss ways to get an edge in promoting your brand.  Explore how to find your audience and expand your platform.  Learn how to increase your discoverability with the public using social media to engage and relate to your audience.  You could even chat about maximizing an event to make every moment count.   You have 15 minutes to pick Shawn’s brain. Come ready with your questions and find your edge.

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