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  1. Erica, this was such a FUN blog to read! I’m rejoicing over all that God is doing in your life and ministry. Thank you for your enthusiastic support of the Speak Up Conference. We love having you on our faculty!

    1. Erica Wiggenhorn says:

      Thank you, Carol! Trying to determine the impact Speak Up has had on my life remains immeasurable! Forever grateful for you, Gene, Bonnie and the ministry that happens every single year at this conference!

    1. Erica Wiggenhorn says:

      Thank you so much, Jean! I hope you will be able to attend Speak Up this year! I guarantee you won’t regret it!

  2. Tess Scott says:

    I can sure identify with the tattered money – dirty, crumpled and shredded, rejected and viewed as worthless. But GOD. Now I’m overjoyed to hold the tape for a sweet sister. Thank you for this wonderful story.

    1. Erica Wiggenhorn says:

      Thank you for sharing your feelings so vulnerably, Tess. I can relate to them in many ways. I pray you have the opportunity to attend Speak Up this year and find your tribe of sisters to cheer you on 🤗

  3. Mary Ward says:

    Such a great article! You nailed why people should attend, how they might feel upon arrival, and what they will find when they get there – the value of their story. 👏🏼