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  1. Thank you Brenda. I can certainly relate as six weeks after my book launch in 2016, I ended up in the hospital. I had to rethink my writing, speaking and marketing schedule. I went to counseling for a year and left with so many valuable tools. This week, I am going to a B&B closeby for a personal writing retreat. My focus is back on my personal Quiet Time, which ironically is the subject of my book ?

    1. Rosie, I love this! I have done the same in the past, going to a B and B for some personal writing or a spiritual retreat. It’s so important. The magnitude of your hospital stay shows how exhausting this profession can be and why it’s critical we are proactive. Thank you for your honesty!

    2. Thank you Rosie! The toil your book release had on you shows the real hazards of this profession and why self care is incredibly important! You’re a great example.

  2. Brenda, you are right on. I have experienced the same. I have to pay close attention to my life to avoid trouble in any area, body, soul, mind and spirit. Thank you for your words.

    1. Thank you Vicki! Physical exercise and correct eating is still high on my bucket list of self care as I watch emotional eating when the exhaustion hits. Thanks so much for validating these similar experiences!