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  1. Tracy Arntzen says:

    Podcasts are great, they have replaced my time spent in the news. Podcast speaking creates a conversational opportunity which differs greatly from a speaking engagement. Encouraging believers whose families have been touched by mental illness and orphan care are the conversations I have been asked to join podcasters in.

    1. Those are much needed topics to discuss. I hope you have been successful in pitching to guest on podcasts.

  2. Jerry Howard says:

    I love doing podcast interviews! My message is always the same, faith in God through trials, always leads to an exponential level up! What’s so fun about the dialogue in every appearance is where the Holy Spirit is going to lead us to uncover that was completely unplanned!

    1. I agree Jerry. Same message, yet different aspects can be drawn out in each conversation.

  3. Andrea Herzer says:

    Amber, this is a timely article for many of us! Thank you for writing it. I’m just starting a podcast tour for my devotional. It’s a joy to talk about God’s goodness during health challenges! My hope is to help others discover the abundant life that no pain or illness can take away.

  4. Carol Kent says:

    Amber, thank you for this timely blog! We appreciate your leadership, along with Rachel Wojo, in our Speak Up LearnOn Intensive Coaching Group that has an emphasis on podcasting. You are a blessing to the Speak Up Tribe!