Christmas Greetings from Gene, Carol, and Jason Kent

Carol Kent, Gene Kent, Jason Kent

If you’ve struggled to find joy in 2020, you’re not alone. It’s been a year like nothing we’ve ever known. Disruptions in our lives, our jobs, our ministries, and our families have brought a new kind of pressure. Let’s change our outlook and start rejoicing where we are right now. We’re going to begin naming our blessings. Let’s make thankfulness our default mindset. We’ll soon discover that our list of blessings is longer than our list of worries. We can turn our frustrations into prayers—and then leave them with the Lord. One day, Jesus will return. And when he does, he will draw us out of the temporary, in-between places and into the culmination of a glorious triumphant story. Let’s anticipate the celebration of the birth of Christ and prepare our hearts for the joy that will bubble up and overflow into the lives of every person we meet.

An Update from Jason 

Covid has been a phenomenon of epic proportions for our nation—and prison is no exception. Prison is never easy and Covid definitely makes things harder.
First, no visits and then many months later only limited visitation with several new restrictions never seen before in my 21 years inside. Couple this with very limited access to outdoor recreational activities, no educational programs, and no church services, and everything got a bit more unsettled.
And yet, through it all, nothing was ever as bad as it could have been. Most of the men’s spirits were positive more often than not, and by God’s amazing grace, depression and pessimism were held at bay.
There are many inmates who never hear from their family members and one way you can help is by donating to Speak Up for Hope. All gifts are tax-deductible to help us to make care packages, Bible studies, and books available to men who are desperate for hope. On behalf of all the men on the inside I want to thank you for praying for us and for giving to Speak Up for Hope!

Merry Christmas!

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