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  1. Kim Cusimano says:

    Sherri, such a great reminder for us to look at closed doors with a healthy perspective. I love the line, “…have a conversation with your Father on your side of that closed door.”

  2. Danita Jenae says:

    Wow! Ms Sherri. This is the best devotional I’ve read in ages. Thank you! Insightful, encouraging and timely for me right now.

  3. Karisa Moore says:

    I certainly have had many closed doors that I didn’t respond well to. However, this past week, I attended a conference, and it is the most content I’ve ever experienced at any massive public event. Except for a handful of ladies, I didn’t know many there. There were many closed doors, but there were also many open doors, and I found myself feeling excited about both. Your point about the work God is doing in me is exactly what I felt. His hand was over it all, so why be afraid?