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  1. Tammy Douglas says:

    Thank you, this has been most helpful.
    My life has been turned upside down and inside out. My husband was diagnosed with Major Neuro Cognitive Dementia. He is no longer able to work, drive or be alone.
    I have found myself becoming frustrated and longing for time to myself.
    I appreciate your words, they have caused a shift in my perspective about what time really means. This is a different way to see my new life.

    1. Jerry Howard says:

      Hi Tammy, thank you for your feedback. I used to operate post acute and long term care centers. I learned that although we can’t “see” those with dementia, their spirit knows we are there. We feel betrayed by them and God at times and if we want time for ourselves, we feel like the betrayer. My prayer is that a peace which transcends all understanding will rest upon you and your family through this valley. Thank you again for your words and fortitude for your loved one. -J