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  1. Dyann Shepard says:

    Amen! Bruce
    This was fabulous. Thank you.
    God works through our weaknesses.

    1. Bruce Martin says:

      Thanks so much Dyann!

  2. Lora (Lori) Maas says:

    Thank you. I needed this.

  3. Jennifer “Lynn” Neely says:

    What a powerful and transparent message!!! This is just what I needed to hear to get started again making sales calls, sending e-mails, and stop by area churches to introduce myself and drop off my business cards, my One Sheets, and a copy of “Anchor in the Storm” with my testimony in it to get booking more speaking engagements so I can be fulfilling the assignment from God that the Holy Spirit keeps whispering in my ear from years past, one step at a time to get to His next assignment of spreading His forgiveness, hope, and healing to the hurting and broken-hearted so they can minister to future generations. Thank you Bruce Martin!! God Bless you, your family, and your ministry!

    1. Bruce Martin says:

      I love that! Thanks so much for sharing Jennifer.

  4. Bruce Martin, you nailed it! Thank you for being real and for writing honestly about your challenges. Your keynote at the 2023 Speak Up Conference was extraordinary. Thank you for coming in the middle of multiple challenges and for reminding us to follow God’s call on our lives. We are so grateful for your heart for Him and for your passion to equip and encourage Christians to speak, write, and lead for God’s glory!

    1. Bruce Martin says:

      Thankyouforleading the way Carol!

  5. Pearl Manasseh says:

    I was blessed to be able to watch your keynote talk virtually. That night it was inspiring, lively & fun. Now, after reading this, it’s inspiring a second time in a different way.
    I never would have guessed how you were feeling before you started your talk & I so appreciate your honesty. It’s a testament to what God can do with, for & through us when we let Him. Thank you for the lesson-in-action, & not just words. Gives me hope I can do what I think God is asking of me, whether I feel capable or not.

    1. Bruce Martin says:

      Thank you so much Pearl! I’m so glad both the talk and the blog were helpful to you.

  6. Jennie Afman Dimkoff says:

    What and encouragement to read “Reset” Bruce! Well done!
    It was great to see you at Speak Up and such a blessing to hear you speak. Thanks for all you do for Jesus’ sake.

    1. Bruce Martin says:

      Thank YOU Jennie! It was so good to see you this year as well!

  7. Karen Scales says:

    Awesome encouragement! Yes, I am tempted to get stuck, but I will stop procrastinating and blaming it on my circumstances.

    I’m picking up my mat as soon as I finish this comment!

    Thank you for your authenticity,
    Karen S.
    PS. I was in the training class that day 😉❤

    1. Bruce Martin says:

      I’m so glad to hear that Karen! Thank you for sharing.