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  1. Louise Tucker Jones says:

    I have been mentored by different women throughout my growing up & young adult years. But today when I think of mentoring a young woman I feel much like what I read. I’m not a Bible scholar. I’ve been through lots of grief & I’ve been angry at God many times. What could I teach a young woman about life other than what mine is or has been & it has been wonderful but also demanding & sad with many losses. I’ve gone through depression & fell short many times. So I ask myself, “What would I teach a young woman?” And I do feel I have much to offer but I don’t feel I am the example of a mentor that the church is looking for. I feel they are looking more for a Bible teacher & a younger woman who has it all together & lives a fairly normal life.
    Thank you for allowing me to express what I feel inside.
    Louise Tucker Jones.

    1. Carol Kent says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Louise. You have SO MUCH to offer younger women. I think one of the most important things we can do is to pray that God will direct our paths to cross with someone who needs the encouragement, compassion, skills, and spiritual knowledge that we have to offer. I’m so glad we don’t have to be perfect–just available!

      1. Louise Tucker Jones says:

        Thank you Carol. Still grieving the recent death of my son, Jay, & I feel God calling me to write about that but I’m needing His direction in the process & the waiting & the mourning & feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s hard to find God’s love in the grief. And many don’t understand that but I know there are others wanting someone to speak up & say, “I understand!”

  2. Mary Ward says:

    This is wonderfully encouraging. I love Jordyn’s insight. Thank you for sharing and challenging us to step into relationships through mentoring. 🩷👏🏻 I’ve often felt inadequate, but believing this lie gives the enemy opportunity to restrict God’s work and power.

    1. Carol Kent says:

      Mary, your comment gives a voice to so many women who feel inadequate when it comes to mentoring. I believe as we allow those who are younger than we are in age and/or in spiritual maturity walk beside us–flaws and all–they relate to us much more than if we were models of perfection.

  3. Sheri Hawley says:

    Spot On! We can’t forget that it’s in our weakness that HE is strong. (The focus; the real help; the answer to every honest question.)

    1. Carol Kent says:

      Sheri, your reminder that in our weakness He is strong gives all of us the courage to mentor others. You have modeled what it means to live out that biblical principle. Thanks so much for your comment.

    2. Leslie S Schonfeld says:

      I so agree! We as older women are so needed! Thank you Carol.

  4. Maggie Rowe says:

    Carol, for some reason this post did not come to my inbox (and I should be subscribed), but delightfully my own mentee forwarded it to me! Thank you for this reminder that we seasoned sisters don’t have to struggle with “never being enough” but rather simply invite younger women into our lives to walk alongside us, messy lives and all. Beautifully written!
    We have a family reunion the same week as Speak Up this July, but I plan to be there in 2025. Also praying for your next speaking commitment at the facility on the 27th. Sending much love!

    1. Maggie, you are the kind of mentor we long for–a praying, encouraging, godly, uplifting, and gifted woman of God. Thank you for your investment in many women who are growing in their own ability to influence others.