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  1. Amy Smith says:

    Thank you for the blog! I appreciate how authentic you are.

    For me, I have been told “You should write a book,” by many people for the majority of my adult life. Like everyone else, I have had many challenges over the years. I never thought my experiences to be all that unique, so I never really considered writing a book. I have, however, been writing journals over the years. Finally, it hit me, I should write about God since He was the focus of all of my journal entries.

    1. Janet McHenry says:

      Yes, God is the thread of our lives!

      I started pursuing my writing calling by attending writers’ conferences. In fact, I went to three week-long ones that first year.

      The Speak Up Conference would be a great place to start understanding the publishing process. Blessings!

    2. Janet Holm McHenry says:

      Amy, I love that! When people ask me where I get the ideas for my book, I say, “The Bible.” Truly! If I only wrote about my experiences, people would get tired of all that blah blah blah. But there are SO many rich teachings in God’s Word. You’re on to something!

  2. Ruth Coghill says:

    Thank you Janet for this timely post.
    In the past, and on occasion, I repeat the fact that I am a speaker, not a writer,, but I cannot deny the call, which came in 2006.
    I am continually looking for the ‘one thing’ and even as I’m typing, there is a stigma that comes to mind. I will pursue this thought.
    Blessings from Canada… Ruth

    1. Janet McHenry says:

      Ah, the speaker who writes! LOL! I’m the writer who speaks!

      If God has called you to write, He will equip you . . . and the Speak Up Conference is a blessed opportunity to step into that calling. Hope to see you there!

  3. Jenn Krogh says:

    Thank you Janet. You know my “one thing” and obviously I’ve known it for 11 years. God said. I’ve made excuses, I’ve stalled, I’ve said no. But God. He is my one thing in everything and why I will be at Speak Up.

    1. Janet McHenry says:

      I’m excited to see you there, Jenn! And delighted to see how much progress you’ve made in pursuing that calling! Hugs!

  4. Tammy Douglas says:

    This was right on time! Don’t you just love how God does that?
    I have been asking myself this very question.
    What’s the one thing??
    I look forward to meeting you in July!
    Thank you!

    Tammy Douglas

    1. Janet McHenry says:

      Oh, I’m so glad, Tammy, and look forward to meeting you, too!


  5. Rita Prochazka says:

    What an encouraging post! Thank you so much!

    1. Janet Holm McHenry says:

      Oh, I’m so glad, Rita! Thanks for encouraging ME!

  6. Lisa Saruga says:

    Janet, this is so well-written and thought-provoking. I am one who entered the crazy world of writing following a life event that seemed to cry out for a book. I wrote the book – then attended my first writing conference. I had so much to learn. Along the way, it was easy to get distracted from the “one thing.” It was also difficult to clearly define that thing. One event in my life inspired me to write, but that single event didn’t seem to be the one thing to write about. It was what I learned from that experience, and how I was comforted and healed by the holy spirit. Comfort and healing seemed too broad to be the one thing – and it was. Through prayer, journaling, and concerted effort to seek God’s guidance, I now think I know the one thing God has called me to focus on. Four years later, I am publishing my first book; and it is not the first book I wrote! I am glad God’s timing makes more sense than my own. The day my story gets published, I will be much better equipped to speak to my defined audience in a way that meets their felt need. It takes time, prayer, and trust in God’s guidance to find the ONE THING God has equipped and called us to. I believe God will further refine the one thing for the rest of our days.

    1. Janet Holm McHenry says:

      Writing is just ONE of the things God has called you to do, Lisa. You are making a difference fo the kingdom and for those for whom you advocate.

  7. Carol Kent says:

    This blog is so timely as we approach the annual Speak Up Conference. Janet, thank you for helping us to avoid being “scattered” in our thinking and for the challenge to ask God to guide us to “the one thing” that we need to be focused on at this time. We’re so glad that you’ll be on our 2023 faculty!

    1. Janet Holm McHenry says:

      Thank you, Carol! It was a privilege to serve this year! What a wonderful conference you all have created! Superb!

  8. Dyann Shepard says:

    This was the perfect encouragement for me today. Thank you.

    1. Janet Holm McHenry says:

      Thank you, Dyann! YOU just encouraged ME! Blessings!