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  1. Virginia G. says:

    Thank you. Your thoughts touched me in the place that was waiting for your insight and reminders. I’m the wife for 58 years to a veteran who served 22 years. Military life prepared us for 2021 when in the providence of God he was incarcerated. We are still serving together. Thank you for your article. Ours is a long story God is still writing.

    1. Jerry Howard says:

      Thank you for your feedback and kind words Virginia. Knowing God is sovereign has carried me through many trials. I’m so thankful you remain steadfast in that knowledge. I will remain steadfast in my prayers for His glory to be revealed in your family’s struggles. Amen

  2. Jerry, thank you for this powerful reminder that when we say ,”Send me,” there’s a cost–but it’s worth every bit of the pain we may experience when we move forward. Also, than you for serving as a Marine. We appreciate you so much!

    1. Jerry Howard says:

      Thank you Carol! Your ministry continues to be a blessing to me and my family on so many levels. The Marine Corps, third only to the Lord and my wife, was pivotal to my finally releasing myself from mediocrity. Honoring veterans and Marines is the least I can do. Cheers

  3. Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith says:

    Thank you for the gift of your words today. Powerful truths.

    1. Jerry Howard says:

      Thank you ma’am! Wonderful to have met you this summer. Cheers

  4. Michael H. says:

    Thank you for such a powerful message! I love how you brought a poetic perspective to the reality of the world we live in. I teared up.

    1. Jerry Howard says:

      Thank you Michael! So thoughtful of you to share its impact on you. Glad to know “why!”

  5. Gene Kent says:

    Jerry, I loved your creativity in imagining the Trinity discussing the human condition. Great insight, my friend! Send us!

    1. Jerry Howard says:

      Gene! So glad to receive your kind remarks. Thank you sir!

  6. Bill Barthel says:

    Love you brother, this is an awesome teatime t to your continued commitment to our purpose in Christ, our community and country, and the brotherhood of veterans who go unnoticed! The most influential veteran in my life is my older brother David, unfortunately we lost him earlier this year to PTSD, with 15 years in the Marines, 8 tours to combat zones and serving the Marins as Crash Fire Rescue, and volunteering as a Fire fighter in the communities that he was stationed he still inspires me to excellence!

    1. Jerry Howard says:

      Bill, first my condolences. There are no words that could capture your brother’s service and commitment to our freedom save for our Lord’s. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13… Second, we can trust God has you here still to carry the baton. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you these years. I look forward to many more. Thank you for reading and responding. Semper Fidelis.