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  1. Teri Baugh says:


    This is so good!!! I have a question about a Christian Living book. Knowing my story a bit, do you have a specific one you could recommend?

  2. Janet McHenry says:

    Teri Kalb, I’d recommend you study what Carol/Gene Kent and Cindy/Dave Lambert did in their excellent book, Staying Power: Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends Its Worst (Revell). Each chapter is built on an important, teachable, biblically based concept with their own anecdotes or those of others who have demonstrated staying power, despite difficult external circumstances. Your book will be more sellable if your Christian living book includes others’ stories.

  3. Janet, this blog is so helpful! Thank you for so freely sharing your wisdom and experience with up and coming authors.

    1. Janet Holm McHenry says:

      It’s my pleasure! It’s fun to watch lightbulbs go on!