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  1. Karisa Moore says:


    I thought about starting a nonprofit to help families who have children struggling with depression. I realized three things. One, I could partner with non profits to accomplish the same goals, that I had a whole lot of healing to do after losing my own child, and that I didn’t need non profit status to obey God.

    1. CHERI COWELL says:

      Amen to that! I like to say, “Believe it or not, God is not bound by our laws (grin).” I’m so glad you heard from God and followed his lead. He knows what’s best for each of us and non-profit is not always the best.

  2. Caris Snider says:

    If you are not a non-profit but someone wants to donate to the work/ministry you are doing, how can they write that off?

    1. CHERI COWELL says:

      Here is a great article to answer this question. I do want to stress that accepting donations should not be our only reason to go non-profit because our God can fund our ministries without tax-deductable donations. Let’s not put God in that box.


  3. Tracy Arntzen says:


    Thank you, I had no idea of your backstory! Being more successful in the non-profit arena than in publishing I appreciate this blog.

    1. CHERI COWELL says:


      Let’s plan to connect as it is great when we can learn from others. Thanks for writing.


  4. Ann Aschauer says:

    Cheryl, this was very helpful and reassuring. I have not gone non-profit, for the very reason you gave – rules and regulations. My mind is a bit ADHD, and I have enough to do without learning what I am and am not allowed to do. (I need a “Bob.”) The Lord leads me in some seemingly random directions, but He has His reasons, and I have a lot of stories to tell because of them. 😉
    Ann Aschauer

    1. CHERI LYNN COWELL says:

      Ann, you are wise to take into account your ADHD, as are others who may not have this but have a personality that will make running a non-profit challenging. God made each of us, even some with ADHD, and when we lean into Him our pathways can be smoother because we have Him as our plow going before us. How exciting to be on this journey with Him.