Why We Do What We Do

When I was young, I loved playing dress-up.  Whether it was trying on mama’s shoes, putting her purse on my shoulder, or clomping around in high heels—I loved to pretend I was a grown-up.

At that moment, I wanted to be just like my mama.

As a grown woman, I want to be more and more like Jesus. 

This seems an impossible goal on some days.

Have we accepted one simple truth? 

God will help us when we obey what he is asking us to do.  He loves us. He knows the plans he has for us. and wants us to become like his son.

Becoming more like Jesus comes in many ways. It’s never easy, but it’s always worth it. The key is to trust and obey.

But what if God calls us to be a Christian Speaker?

It’s not a walk in the park. It’s not all cinnamon rolls and sunshine. 

Especially when we first begin.

We deal with things like:

  • Rejection
  • Confusion
  • Frustration
  • Hesitation about knowing where to start

As speakers, teachers, writers, and leaders, we have all faced these changes.

There comes a point when we stare at the biggest challenge of our lives and realize God is saying, “Go!”

  • Let go of excuses and say “Yes.”
  • Do the necessary preparation.
  • Ask prayer partners to cover you—while you research and plan—and when you speak.
  • Grab hold of every ounce of faith needed to step on the platform and do your best.
  • Trust that Jesus will be with you. He alone is what keeps us moving forward when the possibility of falling back is staring us in the face. 

With Christ we can get past the fear of speaking and set our eyes on the objective—sharing the gospel, teaching biblical principles, and spreading hope based on God’s eternal truth.

What is the goal? 

Whether you are a serious speaker, funny speaker, testimony speaker, recovery speaker, or a Bible study speaker, the goal is ALWAYS to lead people to God’s son. It is the reason we are Christian speakers.

If we lose sight of the goal, everything gets blurry. Everything becomes about us—our success or our failures.

This is when we can take a nosedive. We feel empty inside. Our wheels are spinning, but they are out of control. That is when we throw on the brakes and refocus.

When that day comes, let go of excuses and give in. Cry out to the Lord and start again. With white knuckles grab hold of every ounce of faith needed to put your best foot forward for His glory, not your own. Jump in with both feet and know that Jesus is in control.

As speakers, we live the life we love when we obey what God is calling us to do, and then let Him be the reason we do what we do.

“I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken” (Psalm 16:8 NIV).

Don’t finish the day emptyhanded. Never let go of the hand that carries you.

Strive to be more and more like Jesus. Every. Single. Day.

Question:  What is one of the greatest obstacles you faced when you began speaking, teaching, or sharing your testimony publicly?  How did you overcome it?

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  1. PAMela G Mutz on 2022-07-26 at 9:11 PM

    Tammy, even reading your bio makes me laugh! You really have it girlfriend and I am looking forward to contacting you as you told me and a zillion others, perhaps, at SpeakUp!

    Great post!
    PAMela Mutz

  2. Yvonne Ortega on 2022-07-26 at 10:20 AM

    Tammy Whitehurst is phenomenal, and she always reminds us of our purpose. So blessed for the reminder. Obstacles will always be there, that is the work of the enemy, but GOD will always be there, and HE already won.

  3. Shelli Ragle on 2022-07-26 at 8:47 AM

    Question: What is one of the greatest obstacles you faced when you began speaking, teaching, or sharing your testimony publicly? How did you overcome it?

    Answer: Self doubt. And I havenʻt overcome it yet. But I trust God will get me there, as long as I keep moving forward toward whatever it is he is calling me to. I still donʻt even know what that looks like. I just know Iʻve been placed in the circle of Christian speakers/writers. And I go where I feel led without a clue where Iʻll end up.

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