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  1. Jenn Krogh says:

    Thank you Charis! You defined the challenges most of us have faced at one time or another. I’m an empty nester and a caregiver, yet I can still find myself running on fumes. You’ve given me a needed reminder to push the stop button and to choose well.

  2. Dyann Shepard says:

    Thank you, Caris. Great advice! In fact, I am taking a mini retreat today. Staying at a hotel right in town to have time for myself and alone with Jesus. Can’t wait. Dyann

  3. Yvonne Ortega says:

    You have addressed a serious problem not only in ministry but also in the corporate world. I have written about the need for rest in one of the chapters in my upcoming book, Self-care When You Think No One Cares. I am so thankful for my prayer team and for how Carol, Gene, and Jason Kent and the Speak Up team bathes the conference in prayer. Continue to speak, write, coach, and podcast on this message, Caris. Thank you so much.
    Love & Prayers,
    Yvonne Ortega
    Author of the Moving from Broken to Beautiful Series

  4. Thank you, Caris, for this important blog. I especially appreciate you emphasis on having a prayer team. We pray that will always be a priority for people in our Speak Up Tribe. This is beautifully written and I appreciate you so much!