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  1. Tish Kelly says:

    Needed to hear this today! Facing a scary medical challenge. ( mass in my colon) Have God’s peace, and I choose to look through “God-colored” glasses..

    1. Cheri Cowell says:

      Oh, Tish. I’m so glad you shared this. We are a praying community, so we’ll be lifting you before our Good God. It is harder to wear God-colored glasses when we’re in the dark. But hold on tight to Him, even when you can’t see. He’s there with you. So, are we!

  2. Carol Kent says:

    Cheri, this blog touched me deeply. It’s so personal and it challenges each of us to view our hard circumstances through the lens of God’s Word and His principles. Thanks so much!

    1. CHERI LYNN COWELL says:

      You know hard circumstances and when we’ve been there it makes us more tender towards others—you are one of the strongest yet most tender persons I know.


  3. Annie Yorty says:

    Cheri, the life experience you shared drives home our need to learn to perceive the spiritual realities as much, or even more, than the physical world. That’s how Jesus had joy and courage as He faced the cross. Thank you for telling your story of faith to remind me of this powerful truth.

    1. CHERI LYNN COWELL says:

      Being more like Jesus is our goal, isn’t it? I wish we could just wish ourselves there, but as we see in the Word, it often takes the trials of this world to chisel us bit by bit. I pray that one day, when I stand before Him, I am the masterpiece He’s been working on.

      Thanks for writing.