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  1. Nicole Langman says:

    Such an excellent reminder to focus on God’s approval and His will. Rejection sure loses its sting when we stay fixed on Him and trust Him. Thank you for this timely reminder.

    1. Thanks Nicole. I totally agree with you. There’s a saying about ‘Man’s rejection is God’s protection.’

  2. Jennifer Lynn Neely says:

    What an inspiration to those of us still struggling after the “No’s” to get the story out that God sees, that was built into our lives, that He then told us to share by writing and speaking. Thank-you for continuing on AND for your encouragement! God Bless You and Yours!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. It is hard to swallow the “No’s” but when God puts a story in our hearts, He helps us bring it to life. Sometimes, it’s not as ready as we think. But bruised knees and scraped knuckles are growing pains toward His glory. Thanks for your encouragement. Blessings to you!

  3. Yes, I have. It’s interesting how God’s promises, guidance & encouragement, as well as people’s support, can be (initially) obliterated with rejection. If I stayed down every time I was knocked down I’d never have learned to walk, let alone with Jesus & learning dependence on Him.
    I Try to remember to ask after any failure (& after a rather impressive pity party & perhaps a snit fit or three! :)) “What would You have me learn from this, God?” It’s humbling how quickly He can come back with a response!!
    Thank you for sharing your vulnerability & honest experience; it’s always so helpful & inspiring to see how others deal with the same issues. That gives us more tools to choose from when needed. God bless you!

    1. Thanks for your words of wisdom, Pearl. Yes, those pity parties can get a bit out of hand – but God has never RSVPed my invitations. I have to remind myself that when I pour out my heart, I bleed onto paper. It’s my blood, my life, my story – but it is not me. Of course, when rejection strikes at my core, it is hard to remember that – or the words of encouragement that had once sustained me. Funny (except not funny) how we all experience the same reaction – just differently. Blessings to your future ‘rejections’ and triumphs – for the Lord.