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  1. Sandi, thank you for your honesty, your transparency, and your willingness to give all of us who write and speak an opportunity to see how God can be glorified when we share our “hard stories” in a way that honors Him.

  2. Yvonne Ortega says:

    Thank you, Sandi Banks. Always a blessing to hear from you how God turns our hard stories into a testimony for his glory.

    1. Sandi Banks says:

      Thank you so much , Carol, for your encouraging words and the opportunity to share. May God be glorified!

    2. Sandi Banks says:

      Yvonne, thank you for your kind words, and for your own Broken to Beautiful story. Our God is awesome! 🥰

      1. Connie Vargo says:

        At 330 am I stumbled upon this post. I wonder if it’s a God thing. I have had a very hard story inside for a long time.
        I have hoped and prayed the story would change. I’ve searched so hard to find someone who could help me tell my story, pull out exactly what my heart has been trying to say and bring it all back to God. I know others go through very similar and think it’s just them or that they are alone. I want to use my pain for His purpose. Again, stumbling upon this group in the wee hours of the morning I pray is God answering my prayer, that He lead me here to find my tribe that will help me write my story. Blessings, Connie

        1. Bless you, Connie, and thank you for reaching out and responding. Yes, stumbling across this post and this group in the wee hours certainly does sound like a “God thing.” 🥰 Years ago, when my hard story had just hit, this Speak Up group was there for me. God used them to help me, in time, turn it into a God story and learn how to share it. God has used these amazing teachers and “sisters” in my life, all these years since, and I believe He could for you as well, in His perfect timing and way. Follow the link to Speak Up and see. I’m praying for you as you seek His guidance . Bless you!♥️

  3. Michele Millikan says:

    You sharing your hard story in written word may be a transitional moment in my life today. So beautifully and humbly expressed with a faith in God’s faithfulness and healing. I have a hard story and one I believe God has asked me to share, but I don’t know how. Your story is inspiring my soul. Thank you.

    1. Sandi Banks says:

      Oh Michele, how good God is to use this to speak to your heart in His perfect timing. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt message, and encouraging us all. Bless you as you follow His lead in sharing your own Hard Story to God Story. ♥️

  4. Pearl Manasseh says:

    Hi Sandi – thank you for your vulnerability & honesty. I love how the reader can sense your good heart in what you write, as well as your faith & strength.
    Also like how you give God credit & glory in a real way without being overly effusive &/or trite.
    I have a blog so I understand how complicated it can get trying to set the right tone; you do that well.

    1. Sandi Banks says:

      Thank you, Pearl, your encouraging words mean a lot. Blessings on you and your blog—it’s a privilege to join you in sharing His message with His people. ♥️

  5. Sandi helped show me how to frame a bit of my own hard story. What an encourager she is! (And yes, the story was accepted from publisher.) I love her heart to help! Thank you, Sandi!

    1. Thank you, Diane, you are always the encourager. 🤗 So glad to know how the Lord has blessed your writing. Such a joy having you in my workshop and mentoring time, and our stories together in devotionals. Blessings!

  6. Marni McDuff says:

    Thank you for your transparency and sharing your heart! I have multiple hard stories I’ve yet to write about but would love to get them down to share with others. The hope I have is only from our Savior and for that I am changed and forever grateful.
    Hoping one day to start my journey of writing.
    Thank you for the encouragement!

    1. Marni, thank you for your encouraging words. I love your heart to use your hard stories to point others to Jesus, as He has brought hope to you. If you can make it to Speak Up 2024, you will find many wonderful people and resources to help you “start your journey of writing.” Bless you as you seek His direction. ♥️

  7. I am very inspired by your sharing. I am still learning …..

    1. I’m so thankful you found these words helpful, Mollie. Yes, God is still teaching us all, and that’s a good thing 😋. Bless you as you continue on your learning journey. ♥️