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  1. This is all SO encouraging!! Looking forward to continuing to grow into my calling and staying connected here!!

    1. Lita, it was so good to have you and your husband join us for the Speak Up Conference! I’m praying for you as you continue to walk through every door God opens for you. I know this FB group will continue to be a blessing to you!

  2. Carol Ensminger says:

    I believe that God is asking me to get out of my comfort zone, get more serious about writing and watch Him at work through it all. Thank you, Carol, for sharing your wisdom!

    1. Thanks for that feedback, Carol! I’m thrilled to see the doors God is already opening for you to be a published author. Thanks so much for all you added to the 2018 Speak Up Conference–and many thanks for the beautiful website you and Shawna Culp developed for us at http://www.SpeakUpConference.com! It’s so easy to navigate.

  3. Cathy Bauman says:

    I feel God is asking me to be still and trust him to show me the next step, I’m trying to gather some items to just begin to put thoughts down. I’ve been praying about a deal and a couple books. I will be still .

  4. Theresa Prim says:

    Speak-up and the Lord has helped me gain the confidence I need to step into exactly what God has called me to do. God is asking me to “get your house in order”, and get ready for the transition. So I’m cleaning, organizing, purging, and laying the groundwork it will take to “let go” of what thing, making room for something else.

  5. God has pushed me out of my comfort zone. He called me to go in his strength, and he has given me a God-sized assignment. Please pray I’ll stay focused and complete it.

  6. Joell A. Ketcham says:

    Focus, organize what I have written and do something with it…Tell My Story!!
    Thank you Carol for all you do for so many of us who are afraid to take the next step.
    Thanks for step on out the Liar for us!!